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Greg is inspired by real science, space exploration and philosophy. Through devouring many books on science, both factual and fictional, Greg has acquired a hunger. It is a yearning that he quenches through writing stories that draw upon the magisterium of the real world with high fidelity.Greg writes to portray Science in fiction, not the converse. It gives a canvas upon which real conflict can be portrayed without the suspension of disbelief.

about the book

“It was flared out as if it were a cosmic parachute.In this firmament, where Earth was just another pinprick, an object chilled with veins of superfluid and superconductive memories traversed the final remnants of the Oort cloud.” When software specialist Mike Brazier from SETI detects the arrival of an enigmatic visitor, it triggers an evolutionary chain of events. But, with humanity on the cusp of becoming a hive mind, their linked futures need a guiding hand.  As agitators exploit tensions between the augmented and the disillusioned, the path to survival must unfold covertly or awaken revolt. Can it be navigated without the help of Earth’s emergent conscious AI?



I recently attended a ‘Meet the Author’ session at Swancon. I felt privileged to speak at this longest-running Sci-fi and Fantasy convention. Details of the event can be accessed here.



 Having nurtured the Pilgrim through hundreds of iterations and deliberations on themes, style, characters, plot and tone. The Pilgrim’s journey has officially begun. The Title, “Pilgrim’s Ark”, is ........


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